4.04.2018 – 23.08.2019 (SUEZ Consulting/SAFEGE S.A.S.) – Project Manager, Construction and Civil Engineering Supervision Inspector and Banking Supervision Inspector in the team of the Project Supervisor within the scope of the investment:

Construction of production and laboratory plant manufacturing infrared detectors of high quality (increase of technological purity, increase of effectiveness of production, standardisation of production, achievement of large-scale production) with target capacity of around 100 000 detectors per year within the framework of the project “New generation of hermetically sealed miniature detector modules with broadband electronics” within the framework of sub-measure  3.2.2 Credit for technological innovations of Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 co-financed from European Regional Development Fund  – Ożarow Mazowiecki

Value of works around PLN 27 648 287.09 gross