2019 (OLMAR OLAF Rybiński) – Hydrotechnical Industry Supervision Inspector within the framework of the project: “Modernisation of GOW POLANKA  area including reconstruction of existing water reservoir” Stage I on part of the plots with land registry No. 147/248, 514 precinct Garbatka – Letnisko, commune Garbatka – Letnisko

STAGE I gross: PLN 350 573.06, STAGE II gross: PLN 284 117.61, STAGE III gross: PLN 708 632.45

Stage I and part of stage II were made in 2019 in total gross amount of  PLN 537 117 arising from tender procedures

Scope of works which have been carried out:

  1. construction of water reservoir along with recreation piers
  2. land development in the water reservoir neighbourhood
  3. technological roads.

Overall cost of Stage I, II, III PLN 343 323.12 gross