24.07.2017 – 25.06.2019 (SUEZ Consulting/SAFEGE S.A.S.)  – Resident Engineer and Supervision Inspector of construction and civil engineering in the team of the Contract Engineer and Investor’s Supervision Engineer within the scope of the investment:

“Improvement of water and wastewater management in Łapy agglomeration – modernisation of wastewater treatment plant in Łapy and water treatment facility in Płonka Strumianka along with construction of the pipeline and sanitary sewage system in Łupianka Stara nad Płonka-Kozły. POIS.02.03.00-00-0077116”.

Task No. 1 “Modernisation and extension of the wastewater treatment plant in Łapy” with maximum daily flow of 10000 m3/d

Task No. 2 “Extension of the water treatment facility in Płonka-Strumianka” with capacity of 120m3/h along with construction of the transit water line with a length of 4.166 kilometres

Task No. 3 “Construction of the sanitary sewage system in Łupianka Stara and Płonka-Kozły” along with pumping stations and control system with a length of the sewage network – 9.561 kilometres

Contract is carried out as “design and build”  project and build project under standards of FIDIC (yellow and red FIDIC).

Value of the project: PLN 51 808 185.79 gross