1.04.2013 – 28.12.2017 (SUEZ Consulting / SAFEGE S.A.S) Team Coordinator in the Contract Engineer’s team and the second Construction and Construction Industry Supervision Inspector for execution of the investment:

“Extension and modernisation of the Municipal Waste Treatment Plant (ZOUK) in Hryniewicze” within the framework of the Project: integrated waste management system for Białystok agglomeration No. POIS.02.01.00-00-006/10

Contract No. 4 included the design and execution of following tasks:

Task A – Construction of new laydown area – section 4B,

Task B – Closing and remediation of existing laydown areas 1 and 2 and additional space near quarters 1 and 2 (so-called triangle),

Task C – Closing and remediation of existing laydown area 3 and ravine between the existing laydown areas 1 and 3 in Hryniewicze,

Task D – Modernisation of green waste composting plant with capacity of 4 000 Mg/year,

Task E – Construction of a hazardous waste warehouse,

Task F – Construction of a large-scale waste dismantling segment with capacity of 2 500 Mg/year

Task G – Construction of a post-waste storage facility

Design and execution according to Design-Build system under FIDIC standards (yellow FIDIC)

Value of works approx. PLN 31 407 209.15 gross