2017 (OLMAR OLAF Rybiński) function of Hydrotechnical Designer within execution of the task:

“Construction of water reservoir at Tczówka river at 5+000 km in Brzezinki Stare, gmina Tczów

The subject of the study is construction design “Construction of water reservoir at Tczówka River 5+000 km in Brzezinki Stare, gmina Tczów”

The investment incudes:

– construction of the water reservoir along with nature section and elevation in mound shape
– construction of damming and venting structures
– construction of fish ladder with side overflow
– construction of dock dam on Tczówka River at 5+630 km
– construction of dock valve on Potok Brzeziński at 0 + 800 km
– construction of river bed of Tczówka River at 4+800÷5+470 km along with structures:
– culvert under road at 5+075 km of the river
– stone threshold at 5 + 050 km
– construction of water intake point for firefighting
– reconstruction of irrigation and drainage facilities
– construction of surrounding trenches along with structures
– execution of auxiliary works, desludging of hydrographic conditions trenches adjacent to the area of the investment along with structures