2017 (Przedsiębiorstwo Obsługi Inwestycji SAN-SYSTEM) the function of Construction and Civil Engineering Designer within execution of the task:

“Construction of sewer treatment plant in Łukta”

Scope of works: Works include in particular:

1) construction of mechanical and biological sewage treatment plant which uses activated sludge which nitirificates and denifricates along with aerobic sludge digestion in continuous flow with continuous average day efficiency Q = 3 flow x 422 m3/d =1,266 m3/d, including construction: a) social – technical building along with installations and devices, b) technical building, c) mechanic sewage treatment building, d) sludge management building, e) shelter for power generator, f) sewage pumping station, g) retention reservoir, h) gate valve well, i) fat reservoir, j) biological reactor, k) sewage storage station – separator, n) storage reservoir of excess sludge, o) foundation for silos for lime

2) construction of electricity connection

3) construction of water and sewage network

4) construction of internal road

5) construction of fence.

Overall value of the investment project: PLN 21 437 874.88 gross