04.2018 – 13.06.2019 (SGS Polska) – Construction and Civil Engineering Supervision Inspector within the framework of the task: “Construction of regasification LNG gas station along with reduction and measurement station and associated infrastructure in Białystok – stage I”


LNG regasification station in Białystok consists of, among others, four cryogenic tanks with combined capacity of around 243 760 litres of gas, eight vaporisers, pressure reducing and metering station and associated infrastructure. Throughput of the pressure reducing and metering station Q=10 000 m3/h, capacity of the tanks 60940 litres, throughput of LNG regasification station 3200 m3/h, capacity of vaporisers 246.4 litres each, throughput of atmospheric product vaporisers 5000 Nm3/h, throughput of atmospheric vaporiser PBV 11.5 litres

Investor: PSG Sp. z o.o. Oddział Gazowniczy w Białymstoku [Gas Division in Białystok]

Value of works including project PLN 10 147 500 gross