20.06.2016 – 31.01.2018 (Instytut Zrównoważonego Rozwoju Sp. z o.o.) the function of the Contract Manager and Supervision Inspector of construction and civil engineering within the scope of the investment:

“Construction of metal products plant SaMASZ Sp. z o.o. in Zabłudów”

Investment included construction of infrastructural objects, among others: sewage treatment facility, water treatment facility, access roads, manoeuvre roads, yadrs, parking lots and networks, as well as manufacturing facilities. Investment was co-financed and executed from the European Regional Development Fund – Intelligent Development considering recognized standards of construction works’ execution. The scope of works included among others: organisation, administration and management of the investment process, analysis of project documentation, and investor supervision. Executed supervision included the construction of:

  1. Office and social building with the following parameters:

Usable area – 5,190.57 m2
Net area – 6592.19 m2
Building area – 1,735.75 m2
Cubic capacity – 32,573.50 m3

Construction of the building – concrete, overground

  1. Building of the research and development centre with the following parameters:

Usable area – 1,774.43 m2
Building area – 782.30 m2
Cubic capacity – 12,245.00 m3

Construction of the building – concrete

  1. Manufacturing building with the following paramaters:

Usable area – 23,021.08 m2
Building area – 26,251.95 m2
Cubic capacity – 276,439.50 m3

Steel structure

  1. Forwarding shed
  2. Building where items are packed
  3. Water treatment facility
  4. Purification facility
  5. Development: aerial transmission line, networks, roads and parking lots.


Value of the investment: PLN 123 147 600.00 gross