04.2018 – 27.09.2018 (SGS Polska) – Hydrotechnical Industry Supervision Inspector within the framework of the project:

“Construction of liquid methane (LNG) evaporation station along with reduction and measurement station of increased average pressure in Grajewo”

Two basic technological facilities: cryogenic tank and evaporating dish. Horizontally situated cryogenic tank with capacity of 60 m3 (25 tons). Area of this technological facility – around 1 hectare. Technology: liquid gas LNG is pumped to cryogenic tanks where evaporating dishes warm it up to proper temperature and then it is delivered to the recipient in gaseous form. Throughput of the reduction and measurement station amounts to Q=3150 m3/h, capacity of the tank amounts to 60940 l, throughput of regasification of LNG gas station amounts to 1200 m3/h, throughput of evaporating dish amounts to 2800 Nm3/h.

Investor: PSG Sp. z o.o. Oddział Gazowniczy w Białymstoku [Gas Division in Białystok]

Value of works including project PLN 4 168 470 gross